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Do you want to excel in your Real Estate Career?


Did you know that 75% of New Agents are not successful after 1 year? Why? Agents do not learn the Skills they need to launch their business.


A university study saw people in a Goal Tracking Accountability Program were almost 80% more successful in achieving their goals. Individual Coaching programs cost $500 per month or more.

That’s why we created a personalized, weekly Group Coaching program at just $89 per month!



READY – SET – GO ™: The 4 Skills You Need to Launch Your Real Estate Career by Real Estate Trainers

$89 per month

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  • Ongoing, weekly Group Coaching.

  • READY – SET – GO ™ Group Coaching is a three-month commitment.

  • Together, we will focus on the Key Activities you need to quickly create income in your business.

  • Monthly $89 fee includes weekly Coaching and the Program Fee. Includes all Video Modules, In-Depth Workbook, and your personal KDNA Goal Tracker software.

  • Our Group Program materials were developed by KDNA™ and published by Dearborn, the national leader in Real Estate Education.

  • Note: THE GREAT EIGHT™ is the next in the series of three-month programs. This program develops the long-term skills required for building income and success.


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